Big Brutes - The Original Farm Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners were originally designed for use on farms back in 1986.

They’re still the farmers’ choice for cleaning grain stores and around the farm.

Long, Long Hoses

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners have big power and long, long hoses.

You can clean up in the rafters or down at the bottom of the deepest pits without losing suction.

The Big Brutes make it easy to clean every part of your grain store without having to drag your farm vacuum cleaner around behind you everywhere you go.

Built for the Farm

Big Brutes are tough and can withstand the knocks they’re going to get around the farm.

From their all-steel drum to their all-metal front floor brush, Big Brutes won’t break or snap as you push them about the farm.

They’ve got big wheels on their trolleys that make them easy to push around, even on uneven concrete floors. Farm vacuum cleaners with smaller wheels are harder to push and just fall over.

We were told Big Brutes had to be tough to survive as farm vacuum cleaners. That’s why they’re designed to be tough.

Farm Vacuum Cleaners - Designed by Farmers

We’ve always listened to what farmers want in a farm vacuum cleaner and designed a farm vacuum cleaner that does just what farmers want.

Many of the Big Brute’s standard features have come about from listening to what farmers’ ideas.

And many of our accessories, such as the Big Brute Suck & Blow Power Unit and Big Brute Bulkmasters have also been designed after listening to farmers’ suggestions.

You could say that the Big Brutes are farm vacuums that have been designed by farmers for farmers.

Made in Britain

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners are designed and built in Britain in our factory just outside Cambridge.

We don’t import vacuum cleaners from China, or from Italy.

When you buy a Big Brute, it’s made just outside Cambridge and dispatched straight to you.

And they’re going out all over the world. Even farmers in Australia wouldn’t be without a Big Brute.

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