Collect Blast Media with the Big Brute Shot Interceptor

April 30, 2024

Collecting blast media, such as steel shot, with an industrial vacuum cleaner seems a good idea at first. But if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know just how disappointing it is.

Blast media is incredibly dense and heavy. Under normal circumstances, it just settles out in the hose, leading to blockages long before you sucked up a useful amount.

Besides, once you’ve finally sucked up a decent amount, how do you empty it? An industrial vacuum cleaner full of blast material is so heavy, you’ll struggle to empty it safely.

Thankfully, the Big Brute Shot Interceptor solves these problems.

By using the power of your existing Big Brute, you can suck up up to 300kg of blast media.

The Big Brute Shot Interceptor accepts the tines of your pallet truck or forklift, so you can safely move it around, even when full.

And you can empty it quickly and safely by raising it up with your forklift and opening the discharge flap on the base.

We’ve spent a long time researching the best way to collect blast media when the physics is against you, and the Big Brute Shot Interceptor now makes this possible.

So if you’ve got blast media you need to collect from shallow pits or bunds, and want a safe way of collecting it, have a look at how the Big Brute Shot Interceptor can make this easier.



Big Brute Shot Interceptor (with Hose, Tool and Big Brute)