Cleaning up wood dusts is now quicker and safer with the Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

January 15, 2013

Armarii (Southern) Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex, are cleaning up wood dusts quickly and more safely with a Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Armarii (Southern) Ltd is the UK’s leading contract furniture designer and manufacturer, providing bespoke contract furniture solutions for architects, developers, specifiers and interior designers.

They were in need of a quicker and easier way to clean the wood dust and wood shavings from the workshop floor and around their woodworking machines.

Karen Denham, the Office Manager, first found out about the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners after searching online.

Her colleagues in the workshop were using brooms to sweep up the dust. Sweeping with a broom causes lots of dust to be stirred up into the air, making the job highly unpleasant.

We recommended a Big Brute HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) with a front-mounted floor brush and a Floor, Wall and Ceiling toolkit.

The Big Brute HEPA provides extra filtration, removing finer particles than standard fabric filters. This makes it ideal for where potentially hazardous dusts, such as hard wood dust or MDF dust, need cleaning up.

The front-mounted floor brush lets you clean large floor areas quickly and easily, without stirring up dust into the air.

The Floor, Wall and Ceiling toolkit provides a number of cleaning tools for cleaning under and around machinery, and cleaning up walls, window ledges and even into rafters, ideal for cleaning places where wood dust can settle high up.

Karen told us that since using the Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning up their woodworking machinery is now quicker and safer.

Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Up Dust