Cleaning is easier for leading Bristol waste management company with a Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

December 5, 2013

McCarthy Marland Ltd, Bristol, has found that cleaning areas that are difficult to reach into is now far easier with the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

McCarthy Marland Ltd is an independent and fully licensed waste management company in Bristol city centre providing waste management services to Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area. As part of its services, it makes use of the rubbish it handles to produce recycled products and renewable fuels.

Alex Marland, Director, had just had a new piece of equipment sited inside its own shed and was looking for something that could keep both the equipment and the shed clean of dust.

After searching the web, Alex found the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners website.

After discussing his cleaning needs with Alex, we recommended a Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with a 10m suction hose and a Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit of cleaning tools. We recommend a longer length of hose where customers have to reach deep into those harder-to-access places. The Big Brute’s powerful suction lets you reach further into such places without the need to drag the Big Brute in there with you. The Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit also includes extension tubes to help you clean even further into those more inaccessible places.

The Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is now helping Alex and his staff to keep their equipment and shed clean.

“There are areas that it’s difficult to get to,” Alex told us, “but the combination of the hose and extension tubes makes the job easy.”

See McCarthy Marland Ltd’s website for more information about their waste management and recycling services in Bristol. To find out more about the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, including the Big Brute Popular, please contact us.

Big Brute Popular Industrial Vacuum Cleaner With Long Hose