Big Brutes off to America

March 24, 2015

Now Big Brute vacuum cleaners are in the USA.

They are on their way to the Compliance Consulting Inc. in Piney Flats Tennessee, where Ron Battema the President is awaiting these Big Brute samples. Ron will finalise the work on the samples prior to UL inspection in his laboratory in Tennessee. On completion of the preparatory work, Ron will forward the assembled samples to the UL inspection and testing laboratories in New York.

Ron anticipates that the full UL certification will be completed in April this year.

The Big Brute range of Big Vacuum cleaners is getting a great response from American industries. Totalclean Technologies of Boston Massachusetts has been appointed as sole importer and distributer of The Big Brute in the USA. Tom Cullen, president of Total Clean Technologies expects to be placing his first orders with Michael Williams Engineering Ltd. In May this year.

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