Big Brutes Help Keep Steel Dust Down in Steel Stockholder’s Warehouses

May 28, 2013

FH Brundle, the UK’s leading supplier of wrought iron, mesh and other steel products, are tackling the steel dust in their warehouses with Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

FH Brundle, with 9 locations nationwide, are steel stockholders and suppliers of specialist components to the steel trade, including welded mesh, expanded metal, perforated metal, wrought iron components, gate hardware, tube clamps and handrailing systems.

Mike Brundle, the Director, contacted us for a solution to the steel dust in his warehouses.

Mike had used Big Brute Warehouseman Industrial Vacuum Cleaners in his other warehouses and needed a new one for his Glasgow site.

The Big Brute Warehouseman is ideal for cleaning fine dusts from large warehouse floors. Its front-mounted floor brush cuts a swathe through fine dusts without stirring it up. Its optional hand tools are also ideal for cleaning under and up racking, getting all parts of your warehouse clean.

Mike’s staff were originally sweeping up the dust with a broom which stirred it up into the air. They find that the Big Brute Warehouseman simply takes the dust away, quickly leaving them with clean warehouses.

“The Big Brute has become an integral part of all our warehouses.” Mike told us. “We couldn’t keep the level of cleanliness we have come to expect without.”

Big Brute Warehouseman Cleaning A Dusty Floor