Big Brutes Clean Grease Traps With Less Disruption

June 20, 2013

Geraldine O’Sullivan, the Managing Director of Bio Grease Solutions made the decision to purchase a Big Brute Leap Frog Wet & Dry industrial vacuum system.

Geraldine discovered the Big Brute website and contacted us to find the Big Brutes that would be best suited to getting waste from grease traps, whilst causing the least amount of disruption to her customers.

They provide a national service, cleaning grease traps in food production outlets, to some of the best known names in Ireland.

After consultation, Geraldine opted for the Big Brute Leap Frog Wet & Dry as this allowed her staff to fill their own containers. The Leap frog is placed on top of an empty drum, wheeled into place and using the Wet Floor, Wall And Ceiling Kit, it sucks up the contents of the grease trap.

When the drum has been filled, the Leap Frog simply lifts off and can be placed on top of another empty drum to keep working continuously.

This results in less down time, as the service personnel can keep going from customer to customer without the need to return to base to empty tanks.

“Having the Big Brute Leap Frog has improved access to units that were unreachable before, for example in shopping centres where it was just not practical to run a hose from a tanker parked outside, right through the centre to reach our customers,” Geraldine told us.

“We are also saving time & money by being able to work continuously, moving the leap frog from a filled to an empty container.”

Big Brute Leapfrog Wet