Cleaning up woodwork shops with the Big Brute

Wood dust, shavings and chippings are no match for the Big Brute HEPA.

The HSE really don’t like people sweeping these up – think of the dust that gets thrown up into the air, which you all then breathe in.

The Big Brute HEPA sucks all your wood waste products up cleanly without stirring it all up.

All the air sucked up goes through 2 stages of Big Brute filtration before entering the final HEPA cartridge filter.

This final HEPA filter has a certified efficiency for removing smaller particles from the air before being released back into your workshop.

And if you need to clean dust from high up ledges and sills, really don’t think of blasting it with the old airline. Use the Big Brute’s option Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit to reach right up high to clean dust away safely.

Watch the Big Brute HEPA Cleaning Up Woodshops

Get in and around woodworking machinery with the Big Brute HEPA.

Cleans up wood dust, shavings and chips without stirring up dust into the air.

Get into small gaps and crevices within machinery, and clean the floors around them.

Use the optional Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit to reach up high to clean ledges and windowsills.