Whatever your industry, whatever you want to clean up - there's a Big Brute for you

All that muck and grit that blows in and gets ground up by your forklifts... Clean large warehouses quickly with a Big Brute.

Big Brutes were made for farming and agricultural industries all those decades ago. Although you'll find them in all industries now, they're still at home in a grain store.

Put down the broom and step away from the airline! The HSE would love you to use an industrial vacuum to clean up your wood working shop.

Contact us to talk about our cleaning solutions for hazardous wood dust.

Whether you're on a building site or renovating an ancient Scottish castle, there's a Big Brute that will clean up all that dust, grit and rubble.

Potatoes bring a special type of dirt in with them. All that soil dries to a super-fine powder that gets into the air and coats everyone and everything. Big Brutes can clean it all up with ease.

Whether you need to clean down your processing lines between batches or need to handle huge quantities of grain or pellets, there's a Big Brute that can cope with working in an animal feed processing plant.

With Big Brutes in action around the world, chances are there's a Big Brute already working in your industry.