Recontainers Ltd Case Study – Big Brute Suck & Dump

July 29, 2021

Product: Big Brute Suck & Dump

Sector: Reconditioning Containers

In a difficult time for the shipping industry, Recontainers Ltd are constantly looking at ways to improve their turnaround in cleaning and reconditioning used shipping containers.

About Recontainers Ltd

Recontainers Ltd specialise in reconditioning hazardous and non-hazardous chemical containers and waste disposal.

They clean and inspect used shipping containers, including refrigerated containers, using state-of-the-art leak detection systems. Their services include laundering customers’ own containers as well as buying, reconditioning and selling on used containers.


One of the problems Recontainers Ltd were encountering was emptying wet debris from the machines they were using. This impacted not only the time it was taking to clean the containers, but also the manual handling risks involved. Recontainers Ltd were therefore looking for a machine that would minimise these issues.

The requirement

The combination of Covid-19 (read our article on Covid-19 to see how we dealt with it at the time) and Brexit has resulted in large quantities of shipping containers being stuck in port at the moment. In order to minimise losses, these need to be turned around as quickly as possible.

Recontainers Ltd provide a fast, efficient turnaround service in cleaning and reconditioning used containers, including refrigerated containers. It’s essential to have equipment that can clean the floors of refrigerated containers, removing both wet and dry debris.

A major problem is that wet debris can be extremely heavy, making it difficult and potentially hazardous to empty the machine. Reconditioners Ltd required a machine that could not only clean the containers efficiently but also be quick and safe to empty.

Why the Big Brute Suck & Dump was selected

Recontainers Ltd purchased a Big Brute Suck & Dump Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

These are not only highly efficient at sucking up both wet and dry debris, but are also industry leaders in safety of emptying.

Instead of a machine that requires potentially hazardous manual handling to empty, the Big Brute Suck & Dump can be lifted by forklift over a skip or collection vehicle. The waste then empties through a discharge flap in the base.

The Big Brute Suck & Dump therefore has the advantages of:

  • Requiring little or no manual handling to empty
  • Minimising the risk of spillages
  • Speeding up the process of emptying

In fact, the Big Brute Suck & Dump is extremely versatile and often the most suitable tool for many clean-up jobs. For another example, you can read our case study on grain cleaning at the South Australian stockfeed mill.

Summary outcome

The Big Brute Suck & Dump Industrial Vacuum Cleaner means that the staff at Recontainers Ltd now spend less time manually emptying wet debris, as the Big brute can be lifted using a machine to empty it. This has also reduced the risk of any spillages and hazards that come with that, making the process safer.

The Big Brute has also allowed Recontainers Ltd to turn around the cleaning and reconditioning of used containers quickly and efficiently throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Next steps

Whether you’re cleaning an industrial unit or a shipping container, here at Big Brute our friendly sales consultants are ready to help you make the right choice — and one which will stand you in good stead for decades to come.

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