Easy Empty Lift Out Bag

Empty heavy loads from your Big Brute with the tough, re-usable Easy Empty Lift Out Bag. Rated to 150kg

Big Brute Multilift

The Big Brute Multi-Lift is ideal for the heaviest of materials such as swarf, grit and shot. With 3 ways to move and empty it, make it safe for your staff to clean up.

Big Brute Suck & Dump (Cone Base)

Safely raise the Suck & Dump with your fork lift over a high sided skip. Its bottom discharge flap gives fast, safe and clean emptying.

 Big Brute Suck & Dump (Static)

Suck & Dump Static can be provided with or without a stand. Powered with its own power unit on top or connect to a free moving independent Big Brute for added versatility.

Big Brute Suck & Dump (Wet & Dry)

Quickly suck up liquids with the Big Brute Wet Suck & Dump. It’s easy and safe to empty over your skips and vessels with your forklift.

Big Brute Suck & Pump Oil Vac

Filter out the largest lumps of swarf and the finest sediments from oils and coolants. Removes large swarf all the way down to the pastes, sediment and fines leaving your recovered oil clean and free of sludge.

Skip Tip Trolley

Use your forklift to empty wet or dry waste from your Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners safely and without mess.

Big Brute Bulkmaster 1000

Clean up quickly and easily with the Big Brute Bulkmaster. Power it with an optional built-in Brute power unit, or connect it up to your Big Brute (either single- or 3-phase) to use as a massive-capacity interceptor.

Big Brute Tipping Skip

Clean up dust and large lumps of stone and debris quickly with the Big Brute Tipping Skip. Raise it over your high sided skips with your forklift for easy automatic emptying. Ideal for building sites.

Dust Free Emptying

Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are easy to empty without stirring up dust with the optional heavy duty internal bags.

Scraper Tool

The Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are unique in being easy to empty, even when full.

Cleaning out drains with the Big Brute Skip Tip

Clean out drains and sumps with the Big Brute Skip Tip Wet & Dry. Suck up liquids and sludge, then empty it safely and easily with your forklift.