Big Brute 1-Tonne Bulk Bin Saves 4-Tonne Grain Spillage

August 29, 2013

A Big Brute 1-Tonne Bin has quickly saved a 4-tonne grain spillage in a South Cambridgeshire grain store.

The 4-tonne grain spillage happened in the 3,000-tonne-capacity grain store at GC Lacey and Son, Fulbourn, near Cambridge. With the harvest coming in, it was a matter of all-hands-on-deck to clean it up quickly.

The job was quickly taken on by the wife and daughter of Robert Lacey, the proprietor, with the aid of their Big Brute 1-Tonne Bin and their two Big Brute Farm Vacuum Cleaners.

The two ladies put the Big Brute Suck & Blow power unit from one of their Big Brutes on top of the 1-Tonne Bin. They then connected up the suction hose of their second Big Brute to the 1-Tonne Bin’s second port, giving them a massive-capacity vacuum cleaner with twice the Big Brute suction power.

By attaching suction hoses to the two inlet ports on the 1-Tonne Bin, the ladies were both able to clean up at the same time.

“We didn’t have to stop the plant at all,” Robert told us. “The 1-Tonne Bin’s capacity meant that we only had 4 quick fork lift dumps – it was done in less than an hour with no effort at all.”

The Big Brute 1-Tonne Bin is bottom-emptying letting you clean up huge quantities and empty it safely and easily without stirring up dust. And it can be left outside in all weathers when not in use.

“Having a Big Brute 1-Tonne Bin solves all sorts of spillage and pit cleaning problems fast,” Robert said. “It slashes downtime and hassle – I wouldn’t be without it.”

“The place looked spotless and the ladies really enjoyed themselves”.

Robert Lacey With This Big Brute Bulkmaster 1000 and Big Brute Popular Farm Vacuum Cleaner