All Those Difficult Jobs Made Easy

May 19, 2020

We like things that make all those difficult jobs easy. And we’ve all had a lot of difficult things to deal with recently.

With Cereals event this year rained off, we’re looking forward to this year’s Virtual Cereals. Like you, we’ve all had to adapt to some pretty major changes this year. Virtual Cereals is one we’re actually looking forward to.

At Michael Williams Engineering Ltd, we design and build our Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners here in the UK. We also design and build our Bangalore Bird Scarers. Our engineering expertise allows us to be extremely flexible and adaptable. We’re always trying new ways to improve and develop Big Brutes and Bird Scarers.

Our Big Brutes were designed with the farmers’ needs in mind. They’ll put up with all the rough conditions in the farming industry. Big Brutes will save you time and money, cleaning large areas quickly and safely and giving you years of reliable service.

With their extra-long hoses and massive suction power, a Big Brute will make all your difficult jobs very easy. The many variations of Big Brute, and accessories, allows you to prepare your farm/grain stores for harvest in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

We have a wide selection of virtual demonstrations on our YouTube channel BigBruteUK. Visit and see just how great these machines are.

Our Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 Bird Scarer is our easiest to use yet. Set it up once, then leave it to do its job automatically. It has improved security, simple, flexible functionality, and is solar rechargeable. Keep your crops safe for you throughout the years.

We’re really looking forward to Virtual Cereals 2020. Please visit us on Stand No: 424 or get in touch for more information.