How to find the Model Number of your Big Brute Motor

Your Big Brute motors are designed to give you many years of use.

Very occasionally, however, you might need to replace the motor brushes, or replace the whole motor.

In both cases, the very first thing to do is to find the model number of your existing motor.

For Your Safety

We’re going to be taking the protective cover off the Big Brute power unit, so make sure the person following these instructions is a competent electrician.

To avoid the risk of electric shock, ensure that your Big Brute power unit is turned off and disconnected from the electrical supply.

Unscrew the bolts holding the power unit cover on

Locate the 4 bolts at each corner of the power unit cover. These keep the power unit cover secured in place.

Remove all 4 bolts, keeping all the fixings.

Carefully remove the top cover

The switch will be connected to the motors, so don’t pull the cover up – this might pull the wires from the motors and/or the switch.

Stand with the switch facing you. Carefully tip the power unit backwards to expose the motors.

Find the motor model number

The model number of the motor will be on a sticker applied to the motor housing.

The following motor model numbers have been used over the years in Big Brute power units:

If you’ve got a motor with a model number not listed above, get in touch with us so we can advise.

Important Note

Don’t assume that all 3 motors in your power unit are the same model – always check the model numbers of all 3 motors.

Although your Big Brute would have been made with 3 identical motors originally, the power unit may have had repairs or maintenance done on it over the years. One or more motors might have been replaced with newer versions.

This is particularly important if you’re looking for motor brushes.

Replace the Cover

When you’ve found the model numbers of your motors, replace the power unit cover.

Secure it firmly in place with the bolts and fixings retained earlier.

Perform a PAT test to ensure electrical safety before connecting to the electrical supply.